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Obama Orders Another Round of Greenhouse-Gas Rules for Trucks

Speaking at a Safeway Inc. distribution center in Maryland on Feb. 18, President Obama ordered his staff to develop a proposed rule further tightening greenhouse-gas emissions by heavy- and medium-duty trucks by March 2015 and to complete the process a year after that. Obama chose the Safeway facility in Upper Marlboro because of the grocery […]

Drivewyze Launches Weigh-Station Alert Service

Drivewyze Inc. said it is offering a free alert service to go with the latest version of its PreClear weigh-station bypass mobile app. The new Weigh Station Heads Up alert service, available without a subscription to PreClear’s bypass service, provides audio and visual alerts two miles and one mile before a weigh station so a […]

ATRI to Test Rollover Notification System

This Story Appears in Feb. 3 Edition of Transport Topics. The American Transportation Research Institute said it will soon begin testing a system that warns truck drivers as they near a stretch of highway where significant numbers of rollovers have occurred. ATRI and a group of telematics providers will begin testing in about two months, […]

The Driving Force Behind Freight Classification Changes: Simply, Times are A Changing….

A significant factor in freight classification is the change in material composition and packaging. Production and building materials are shifting from heavy metals to lightweight plastics and polymers. Yesterday’s cast iron lawn furniture, pipes, and fittings have been replaced with polycarbonate and polyvinylchloride versions. In electronics, the switch from CRTs to LCDs significantly reduces product […]

Speed, Seat Belt Violations Fall in CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver

The percentage of truck and bus drivers cited or warned for speeding and seat belt use declined during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Safe Driver, the group said. Officers pulled over 29,048 commercial drivers during the one-week enforcement blitz in October, of which 7.3% were cited or warned for speeding and 2.9% for seat […]

Tips for Driving Safely in the Snow

In eight years as a truck driver, Shawn Judge has driven 810,000 miles (accident-free) throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin for a beverage distributor. Here’s his advice on how to handle yourself when the snow starts falling: Relax: Breathe and stay calm. Panic causes people to overreact. You need to focus. Slow Down: Drive only as […]

Natural Gas Conversion Bandwagon

The adoption of natural gas as a transportation fuel continues to pick up speed, as the industry begins to consider transforming from diesel, a fuel we have used for decades to natural gas. I understand the challenges in making the decision to switch to natural gas. The refuse industry has been the front runner in […]

Spending on Logistics Services on the Rise

Today, Its not uncommon for a small or midsize shipper go to third party logistics company to get access to all there services in one place. Third party logistics providers bring flexibility to the market by allowing shippers the oppturnity to access a full range of capabilities, from fleets of all sizes. 3PLs have made […]

Great News Florida Carriers

Recently Gov. Rick Scott toured the $220 million dredging operation that will enable Miami’s cargo port to accommodate much bigger vessels. It is expected to be completed in spring of 2015. This will allow the port of Miami to handle so-called Panamax vessels, the ability, to port and unload cargo. With the increase of cargo […]

Influx of Cash Aids Logistics Firms – Based on a article in Transport Topics

Competition between asset-based freight carriers and non-asset based logistics companies is giving way to cooperation as shippers increasingly turn over freight management to outside firms, according to industry analysts. We have seen an emergence of companies that have access to full range of platforms needed to service your shipping needs, of all sizes. It’s not […]