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Drivewyze Launches Weigh-Station Alert Service

Drivewyze Inc. said it is offering a free alert service to go with the latest version of its PreClear weigh-station bypass mobile app.
The new Weigh Station Heads Up alert service, available without a subscription to PreClear’s bypass service, provides audio and visual alerts two miles and one mile before a weigh station so a driver knows when to move to the correct lane to pull in to the station.
Truckers can get the notifications by downloading PreClear from the Google Play store on their Android smart phones and tablets.
The alerts are free, but PreClear’s weigh station bypass service requires a subscription starting at $15.75 per vehicle per month with free trial offers and volume discounts available, Drivewyze said in the Jan. 30 announcement.
With the bypass service, drivers receive not only alerts but also the opportunity to request bypass at 252 weigh stations and inspection sites in 19 states.
Drivewyze said its customers’ bypass rates range from 50% to 98%, based on the carrier’s credentials and safety record.
The initial release of the Heads Up service is available only for Android devices, but the PreClear bypass service remains available for iOS and Android.
The Drivewyze alerts work in all 50 states and recognize permanent weigh stations and temporary inspection sites at more than 700 locations, Drivewyze said.

By Seth Clevenger
Staff Reporter