Cash Aids Logistics Firms – Based on a article in Transport Topics

Influx of Cash Aids Logistics Firms – Based on a article in Transport Topics

Competition between asset-based freight carriers and non-asset based logistics companies is giving way to cooperation as shippers increasingly turn over freight management to outside firms, according to industry analysts. We have seen an emergence of companies that have access to full range of platforms needed to service your shipping needs, of all sizes. It’s not uncommon for a small or mid-size shipper to go to a third party logistics company to get access to all those services in one. Logistics service providers bring flexibility to the market by affording shippers the oppturnity to take in a mode neutral approach to carrier selection. 3PL’S have made the market more efficient. A shipper may have a few dozen carriers in it’s data base, there’s about 250,000 truckload carriers in the US. and 97% of them have less than 20 trucks. 3PL’s are the best way for shippers to access smaller fleets and are essentially an outsourced sales force for carriers, working to cut costs and eliminate empty miles. By letting 3PL’s take care of your logistics needs, it allows you to focus on where it counts, operational efficiency, making sure your shipments are picked up and delivered when needed.

Micheal Judge